Part II – How We Created an Award-Winning Intranet

In case you missed it, please read Part I of this blog post.

In Addition to the Three ‘Feature Pillars’, the Intranet Lives or Dies by Engagement

My product manager (Braden Knutson) shared two ideas that helped us engage the business in the intranet creation process.

Champions. Each intranet must have a champion (or a group of champions). These are the people that are passionate about presenting their organization or department to the workforce in an electronic medium. They may also be interested in running their business processes on an intranet platform.

User Empowerment. The intranet platform must have tools that are provided either out of the box or custom developed, and given to the intranet stewards to customize their experience in a way that meets their needs. If you do this, it will be easier for non-technical employees to assist (and feel ownership) in composing the intranet.

Here are some of the tools available on our intranet:

Out of the Box Web Parts Available in SharePoint

More About The Award…

Braden Knutson, product manager for SharePoint, represented the Church’s Intranet Services team at the awards ceremony in Boston. “After months of hard work and anticipation, the atmosphere at the awards ceremony was electric. It was such an exciting night!” Braden said. “After hearing all the category award winners announced, I thought we had been overlooked. Then the emcee announced that the jury would select a grand prize winner of a new, all-inclusive award for a project that had achieved outstanding results across all entries. The other nominee was named runner-up and we won the grand prize!” 

In addition to the trophy and certificate, a $1,000 donation was made in behalf of the winners to DKMS, a not-for-profit organization that helps blood cancer patients throughout the world.  

Special Recognition

I want to call out a few people on my team that have been critical to making our intranet a success…

  • Our manager—Creig Bush—for his leadership and for supporting our (sometimes crazy) ideas
  • Braden Knutson—our product manager—for his tireless promotion of the intranet and his endearing determination to engage our customers
  • Lance Clark—the best designer I have ever worked with—for making the intranet beautiful and engaging
  • Our project manager—Bryan Whitaker—for keeping us on track
  • Finally our amazing developers—Jared Buttars and Hari prasath Ravi shanker
The Intranet Services Team

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