Create a No-Code QnA Bot on Azure

Creating a bot dialogue is as easy as creating an Excel spreadsheet with two columns. You can use the bot in your web sites or in your Office 365 applications, such as Teams.

Here is a video of the finished product:

These are the steps to create the bot:

-Go to the QnA Maker site. It is a Microsoft site that will allow you to set up a knowledge base and publish it to Azure.

-Next choose “Create a knowledge base”

-Select “Create QnA Service”. This will create the QnA service on Azure. Once you have created your service, return to the QnA site, and hit Refresh. You should now be able to select the service you just created.

-Give your knowledge base a name.

-Populate your knowledge base by uploading an Excel spreadsheet that you have provided and answered a few questions on. It should have 2 columns, Question and Answer. Your answers can be plain text, or you can provide html so that the answers are formatted more nicely in your application.

-Click the “Create your KB” button.

-After the KB has been created, you will need to add it to the channels where you want it to be deployed.

-For example, if you are going to use your bot in Teams then add the bot to the Teams Channel. Then follow the instructions on this site to deploy the app to Teams:

Please see this video for a demonstration of these steps.

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