The ‘Move My Eyes’ Tool

I was bored on Labor Day this year, so I decided to create a free tool for people to unlock the power of their brains. The site is located at

A screenshot of the Move My Eyes tool

Go to the ‘Move My Eyes’ Site

The intent is that the app will get the right side of the brain to talk to the left side. There is some research suggesting that bilateral stimulation (engaging both sides of the brain with sights, sounds, or touch) can be helpful and relaxing.

This tool is an Azure Web App created with Visual Studio 2019. In future posts, I will describe how easy it was to create.

I am using Azure DevOps to manage my code and handle the continuous integration/continuous deployment build process. Because it is using CI/CD, releasing a new version of the app is as easy as committing my code changes to Git.

The pipeline for building and deploy the site

Creating a login experience that ties into am Azure B2C directory was simple. It required a bit of setup, but I didn’t have to create login/logout/update pages for user accounts.

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